A Word From Pat


The past 8 weeks have been difficult, at best. One Anterior Cervical Fusion. I’m still recovering from that one. One Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand, which because of the severity of the injury, has been very slow to heal. Stitches, whose tracks are laid from the top of my wrist to about 2 inches into the middle of my hand, will be taken out this week. One Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left hand due to be performed next week. Then, the dreaded C word… colonoscopy. Yep, it’s been three years, and it is time. I don’t really mind the procedure, as I am OUT. It is the PREP that takes a toll. Being Hypoglycemic, I have to watch my blood sugar very carefully, as I basically “fast” from the middle of the afternoon before the procedure. Then, there is drinking the Gallon of liquid… ughhhhhhh…

As I type this, I have to stop about every sentence, in order to rest my aching hands. It is excruciating to type, which is probably why the doctor warned me against it. Because I am unable to use my hands, my desk is kinda like a triage department of an Emergency Department. What needs immediate attention is in one pile. The next that needs attention in another pile… etc. UNTIL… the mass is overwhelming, and it is all just piled up, and I have to dig through it… THEN Claudia comes in and drags me back to bed, telling me, “Pat, your hands are going to heal that much slower if you don’t rest them like the Dr. said.” My daughters, Amanda & Mindy LOVE to echo their mom’s warnings, “DAD……..” Whatcha gonna do?!


Having said all this, work at PBN has progressed at a good pace. Just because I’m recovering from surgery doesn’t mean things STOP here. Amanda has been growing with PBN’s Social Media. The items she has been sending out are awe inspiring. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blogs. PBN Newsletter. Video. Pictures. Updates as to my surgeries and my status, encouraging you to pray for Claudia and me.

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Patrick, our son, continues updating our PBNradio.com website, and searching for, and finding new venues through which to listen to PBN, which means more and more listeners blessed and encouraged by the words and music. I briefly mentioned On The Air about listening to PBN LIVE on Alexa through Tunein (“Alexa, play P B N Classic on Tunein”). NOW, you can listen to Praise Until Dawn Podcasts on Alexa through iHeart Radio (“Alexa, play Praise Until Dawn Podcast on iHeart Radio”).

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A BIG Thank You to Don, Elisa, Greg, Mike, Sandy and others who keep watch over software and hardware as well as Mindy who watches over the office, making sure they are all running smoothly, and also a HUGE Thank You to those of you who give your donations monthly in order to help PBN continue broadcasting this Heavenly Music which touches all of our hearts so deeply.