The Bad ... But Also The Good

We are all too familiar with running to God when a crisis happens. Funny enough, it isn't just Christians that find God during this time. Even those that denounce His name find themselves praying "to a higher power" when tragedy strikes. God is ingrained in our very being. 

Remember when 9-11 happened? The nation came together like no other time. Jesus was preached and prayed to openly. On the streets, in their homes, in their businesses, in their cars, people cried and called out to Jesus as the towers were attacked and ultimately fell. People gathered around their televisions and prayed as word came in about the now infamous Flight 93, whose hijacking plan was foiled by the brave, quick-thinking souls aboard that flight.


I remember watching a newscast in the days following the tragedy. On secular television they talked of needing our nation covered by God's hand. I had not heard this before, and I have not heard it since. 

Like I said, it's really easy to find Jesus in the storms.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing. Paul reminds us that God is "the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles." We have all read, or at least heard, King David praying as he walked through dark times. He did this not only once, but all through the Book of the Psalms. To recap a few: Psalm 12, Psalm 46, Psalm 70, Psalm 77, Psalm 102, and by FAVORITE (which I have stenciled on the walls of my house as a reminder) Psalm 91.

It's not a bad thing, at all, to cry out for help from God!


But, what happens in the good times? You know them. Life is going great. Everything seems to be going your way, and nothing can go wrong. You feel on top of the world, like nothing can bring you down. Do you remember Jesus? You don't seemingly "need Him" during this time. Do you remember to still run to Him? To still thank Him? To still walk with Him on a daily basis?

It's easy to forget, isn't it. I'll admit it. I tend to pray, beg, ask for guidance, or ask for peace and understanding during the tragedies. But, give me a few good days, and it's easy to let Jesus slip to the back of my mind. Every once in a while I'll say a quick, "Thank you, Jesus" for the beautiful day, but I don't cling to Him; I don't reside in Him like I do during the tough times.


It really shouldn't be this way. Think of your favorite friend or family member. You don't only rely on them when the going gets tough. You call them up and celebrate the good days, all the good news, all the happy surprises, and even just to chat about everything and nothing at all.

Should we not treat Jesus this was too? He is our ultimate friend. He is our ultimate family. He is our Creator. Don't you think He celebrates with us in all our good times, no matter how small? I know He's there with me. I know He looks down, and beams with pride and congratulations. 


Are you a parent? Have you felt this way with your children? YOU are God's child. He feels the same about YOU!

We KNOW He says, "Well done!!" We should share it ALL with Him.

I remember when I was in second grade, my teacher, Mrs. Walker, used to tell us to "save room for Jesus" in our everyday life. If we were in our seats in class, we should scoot over a bit to leave some room for Jesus be with us. If we were playing on the playground, we should remember Jesus was out there playing with us. If we got a scraped knee, we should remember Jesus was there to hold us and make us better. If we were giving a speech in front of the class, we should remember Jesus was standing right next to us. She gave us, as second graders, reminders that would stick in our minds as we went about our everyday life. She was not wrong. 

artem-bali-584624-unsplash (1).jpg

I often think back to these little tactics, and remember that Jesus is ALWAYS there with me. Not just hugging me in the bad times, but smiling and cheering during the good times.

He's there with you too. Remember Him in ALL the times!!

By: Amanda Marie, Director of Social Media Marketing