Our Mission

Taking the Uncompromising Gospel of Jesus to the world is one of the most important Missions in this life. Most use preaching and teaching. Jesus has led Praise Broadcasting Network on a different path: Playing the Most Beautiful, Intimate Worship Music This Side of Heaven 24 Hours a Day.

Technology in this day and time allows this music, that touches the depths of the soul, to encourage and strengthen listeners wherever they are in the world: from the heights of Chile, to the remote islands of the oceans; from the heartland of America to the African plains; from Asia to Africa to Europe to Russia to Scandanavia to Australia; from the Far East to the Middle East. We go with our listeners in their cars, on trains, in planes, on bicycles and along walking paths. The Intimate Worship Music goes behind locked doors and barred windows, in villages, towns and cities where Pastors and Evangelists can only wish to go. During Quiet Times, Worship Times, Work Times, Rest Times and Play Times the Beautiful Music of PBN is there as an avenue for the Holy Spirit to touch, lift and counsel the heart of the listener... 24 Hours a Day.

This is the Mission of Praise Broadcasting Network.