The Struggle Is Real

I have been struggling with anxiety lately. I have struggled with it in the past, but it's been pretty severe the last week. Sometimes life just grabs a hold of me, and the worry and fear starts to seep into my every thought. It is especially bad at night when I am trying to sleep. I am alone with my thoughts, as the world around me rests in peaceful slumber. I do the breathing exercises I've been taught. I try the trick of putting my hand on my chest and feeling my breath. I go through the steps of mentally feeling and telling each part of my body to slow down and be calm.


Why is it, when I know and do all these things, does the anxiety persist?

Now, I'm NOT a doctor, and I'm NOT denying there is GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and panic attacks. There is, for sure, some medical discontinuity that happens within one's brain and body that causes these events. I am NOT saying these aren't valid.

I'm talking about Letting Go And Letting God, if you will.

Looking from the outside in, what am I doing wrong?

Photo by  Jeremy Perkins  on  Unsplash

I am not giving any of it up to God. Subconsciously, I think I can handle and resolve all my problems by meditating on them and mentally powering through them. While I like to pretend I'm capable of mentally bullying through all my problems, I don't know of any person who actually possesses this power.

We live in a fallen world. The devil, Satan, the enemy, the fallen one -- whatever you want to call him -- delights when we take our eyes off Jesus, and focus inwardly on our problems. This gives him the chance to seize our thoughts. We start doubting. We start panicking. We start making ourselves sick with worry.

So what can you (or I) do when the anxiety and worry starts to seep into your thoughts and occupy your thinking?

1) Immediately stop the negative thought process, and give it to God. Pray. Let Him know your worries and anxieties. Ask Him to help you through the moments of weakness and worry.

2) Speak Bible verses to yourself. Sure, it is okay to speak them silently and meditate on them in your head. Remind yourself Who is important and Who you should be giving your anxieties to

3) Play praise and worship music in the silence or in the background. I find it really helps my anxiety and fear if I have my background music "speaking" to me as I go about my day. Just having that peace in the room really helps ease my worries and anxieties. It subconsciously reminds me to let go of what is troubling me.  

4) Talk to a trusted friend. Not one who will judge and condemn you, but one who will listen and help lead you in the right, Godly direction. A trusted leader in your church might be a good choice.

Anxiety can be an ugly monster to deal with. I am all to familiar with the nervousness, the apprehension, the sometimes crippling fear that comes with focusing outwardly on things I cannot control. It is so important that we cut off that fear before it starts and becomes out of control. Arm yourself the right way. Keep your eyes and hearts on Godly things. Remember and cling to His promises. He is with you; He will not abandon you.


(Again, I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT here to take the place of your doctor. If you believe you need the help of a physician, it is okay to admit this. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we need more help than these physical bodies can handle. Get help if needed. There is nothing wrong with seeking the wisdom of a medical doctor.)

By: Amanda Marie, Director of Social Media Marketing