The Good Among the Bad

We had been to a convention in Nashville, TN. We were excitedly talking about how fabulous convention had been, we were having a great day, listening to podcasts, and driving through the TN mountains on our way home. We had seen the signs out of our peripheral vision, but hadn't worried anything about them. We'd seen them a million times before.

Falling Rock.


Out of nowhere, a softball-sized rock flew off the mountain, hitting the lower part of our front windshield.

The sound was louder than any accident I'd ever been in. *BAM. CRACK* The window immediately spider-webbed. We both jumped, unable to do anything. We couldn't safely stop. I was certain the window was going to shatter in on us.

To make things worse, it was raining. It was a four-lane highway with no shoulder, on the curvy roads of the mountains, with semi-trucks all around us. There was no exit in the foreseeable future. There was NO swerving. We didn't have time to react once we saw it coming.

The  impact was inevitable.

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Adrenaline was coursing through my veins, and I was MAD. My brain immediately started thinking the worst. We had been having such a perfect time. Why did this have to happen? This ruined the entire week we'd spent away. How were we going to deal with this unforeseeable event? GREAT, now we have to pay a deductible to fix this mess. We had prayed before we left, why didn't God protect us?

 Sometimes it feels like the world is closing in.

 Sometimes it feels like the world is closing in.

The mad lasted about five minutes. Then, I started thinking. Wow. We are lucky we weren't on a motorcycle. It would have killed us. We are lucky the rock didn't hit higher on the windshield. It would have come straight through the window, hitting one of us, and shattering the window. We are lucky we didn't swerve into oncoming traffic!

I thought, WOW! Thank you, Jesus. I could see your hand of protection all over this less-than-ideal situation. The fact is, we live in a fallen world. Bad things WILL happen. Jesus even told us as much. But, that doesn't mean He has taken His protection away. 


Find the joy and the "Thank You, Jesus" in every situation. I promise, they are there. Sometimes you have to dig deep. There may be times when it seems like there is NO good in the situation. Dig deep. Find your joy. Don't let this world steal it from you. Find a reason, despite the bad, the evil, the horrible, to see Jesus' hand in the situation. Praise Him despite the storm.


Here are some verses for you:
Joshua 1:5
Hebrews 13:5
Proverbs 3:5-6
Psalm 23
Psalm 46:1
Psalm 66
Job 33

If you need prayer or help finding the joy, you can always contact us. We are here for you. We would love to pray for you.

By: Amanda Marie, Director of Social Media Marketing

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