A Word From Pat


The last couple months have been very busy and very eventful, trying to negotiate between tasks for the new PBNradio Website, and surgery on my spine & hands.

We have needed an upgrade on our website for a long, long time, as well as an update on our Blog and our Newsletter. It has been years since we have made any changes in order to keep up with how readers access the Praise Broadcasting Network information, music and Mission.

Over the 33 years PBN has been in existence, we have learned to take our hands off the steering wheel, allowing Jesus to take the lead. This was a messy process at first, yet as we continued practicing waiting on God, it became easier, and real miracles started taking place.


We had many “starts and stops” on our website over the last 10 years. Patrick, our son, is a Computer & Internet Graphic Designer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Every time he would start to develop a new website for us, something would come up with his job that would prevent him from continuing on with the long, arduous process of the redesign.

For several years Claudia and I have been aware of how the specific strengths of each of our three children complement exactly the areas of need for PBN: Patrick in Computer and Internet Graphic Design; Amanda with a degree in English and a love for writing; Mindy with her skills in the office. Patrick & Amanda’s jobs kept them from taking on their specific duties for PBN. Mindy was in Longview, Texas, and circumstances prevented her from being home for years.

This last January, in the blink of the eye, everything fell into place. The Miracle was very obvious. Patrick’s job was completed, and he was waiting for his “head hunter” to bring him the next job. Amanda was home, recuperating from her Neural Strokes, and she wanted to hone her writing skills. Mindy called Claudia, and she asked us to come pick her up, as she wanted to get a new start on life, at home. Here was the PERFECT Miracle at just the right time. We could not have planned it out this perfectly.


It all happened very quickly. This is why I say, stay ready, for God will move when it is time to move. I can’t say enough good about Greg, Don & Elisa. For years they held together a web site that desperately needed a redesign. Don & Elisa also masterfully produced our monthly Newsletter from instructions I gave them. It was all working, yet the statistics which Patrick obtained, showed we weren’t getting the response we desired. It was clear we needed that redesign of everything. People don’t have the time to read like they used to. I am just too old to give Don, Elisa and Greg instructions as to what to do to capture the social media audience of today. At just the right time, the Miracle happens.

Patrick’s redesign and Mandy’s production on Social Media was obviously a move of God. Our numbers rose dramatically. Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iHeart Radio, Roku, Smart Devices. PBN is expanding and growing in order to touch and encourage God’s people with the Most Beautiful Worship Music This Side of Heaven.


I hope you are enjoying our new site and social media. I LOVE going there, musing with the pictures. Patrick has caught perfectly the ambiance of worship I wanted when people visit our site. Knowing what a Miracle has happened to get us all together, I have taken my hands off trying to tell Patrick what I want to see. I knew God had chosen him. I wanted to see what would be produced. I did the same for Amanda. I took my hands off, keeping from telling her what I wanted.  I just wanted to wait and watch what Jesus would do through her. What has been produced has been beyond my wildest dreams. The website and social media perfectly complement what we play On The Air.

It is all a work in progress, always looking for a better way to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to our listeners and readers. Our Music continues to surprise even Claudia and me. The music I find continues to allow deeper and deeper Worship of our Father.

audience-band-christians-213207 (1).jpg

You can help us with the Mission of PBN by telling your church, friends, and family about PBNradio. Invite them to come, be blessed as you are blessed. When you go to Facebook, LIKE our pages. Join our Twitter site: @RadioPBN.

Claudia, myself, Amanda, Patrick, Mindy, Greg, Don, Elisa, Mike and Sandy all thank you for your love, prayers and continued support, as we wait on God, and proceed as He directs in order to prepare our family of listeners and readers for each new day, our Mission for these exciting Last Days, and for Jesus’ soon coming.