A Word From Pat

Yesterday, while going through the stacks of work that have piled up on my desk during the last 10 weeks of my surgeries and recovery, the beautiful music of PBN softly played in the background. A song began playing which I recognized from 1978: Praise Strings, “Praise You Father”.

The beautiful melody brought all kinds of memories flooding back: Fortuna, California, way up on the North Coast of California in the midst of the incredibly beautiful Redwoods, overlooking the Pacific in the distance beyond the tiny town of Ferndale. Claudia, 2 ½ year old Amanda and I lived in a little 3 bedroom yellow paneled 1960s style home just below the Fortuna airport which housed Piper Cubs and Cessnas for flying back and forth to the bigger cities, without having to wind back and forth for hours over lengthy, yet picturesque Highway 101. Our son, Patrick, would soon be born in February, about halfway through our stay.


I was a Pastor during the week, and on Sundays, I worked at the most powerful radio station on the North Coast, which happened to be in Fortuna: KNCR, North Coast Radio. On Sundays they aired Christian programs, and played some of the more modern Christian music, which just happened to be from the Jesus Movement, already in full swing in the churches and on the beaches of Southern California.

I had not heard a lot of this newer Jesus music, so I used the time when programs were playing On The Air, to put the records on the turntables and preview this music that touched the depths of my soul: Second Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, Daniel Amos, Love Song, Jamie Owens Collins, Nancy Honeytree, Bob Cull, and more. This music was new and fresh, and spoke of Jesus living and abiding in our lives… a wonderful experience with a Jesus whom we could love and trust.


Isn’t it sad. I was a Pastor, yet I had no idea about how Jesus could love us, and we can trust Him. I LONGED to have the experience of what I was listening to, encapsulated in each new song I previewed.

Now, 40 years later, it is amazing to see where Jesus has brought Claudia and me on our journey with Him. We continue scratching our heads in almost disbelief of what Jesus has blessed us to do. Claudia and I not only listen to the new “Jesus” music these days, we play it for you 24 hours a day through Praise Broadcasting Network, using so many incredible NEW ways of broadcasting other than just radio stations with broadcast towers sitting on a hill in a town.

girl-head-headphones-6399 (1).jpg

Our family of listeners and readers spans the globe as they listen to Praise Broadcasting Network and Praise Until Dawn via computers, smart devices, Roku, Podcasts, even smart watches, iPods, iPads, smart phones, iHeart Radio, Tunein, and even on radio stations that choose to carry our signal anywhere in the world. Our Social Media Team touches the needs of a whole new worldwide audience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e-Newsletter and PBN Blogs. We are already looking into broadcast technology which will allow us to get this wonderful Worship Music out to even more listeners in a much more effective way.

Jesus keeps opening doors and vistas for us to explore, all in an effort to be more effective in taking this incredible “Jesus” Music and Mission to even more cities, towns, villages and hamlets in areas of the world that are just becoming open to new technology.


It is YOU who help PBN make all this possible for listeners & readers around the world. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without Jesus touching the hearts of friends and family such as you, who make PBN YOUR Mission, as well as ours.

THANK YOU for giving where you are blessed, so that so many others around the world can hear WHY the Music and Mission of PBN means so much to you.

Claudia and I send our love to you all.