A Word About Pat

As many of you are aware, Pat has had a rough couple of months. He has already endured one surgery, on his spine through the front of his neck. This was for a bone spur, and while it helped some of the radiating pain he had to his hands, he was still in great pain. He has been unable to write, to type, to sleep, to drive. He has insisted on going "on air" to present new Praise Until Dawn programs to his faithful listeners, but the act of doing so has been an excruciating adventure.

dad pain.jpg

As I type this, Pat has gone back for his second of three surgeries. This one is on his right hand, and we are hoping this gives him some much-needed relief. The doctors believe, that while he has arthritis in both hands, the intense pain he is experiencing is due to carpal tunnel. This intense pain has developed very rapidly, but we have faith that he will receive healing just as quickly. We have prayed much over the situation, the doctor, and the OR staff. We know God is in control of what happens. 


We hope you will bear with us while we are in this season of rerun programs and healing. Pat will be unable to type for a while, but I'm sure as soon as feasibly possible (or knowing him, it will be before the doctor has cleared him to type) he will send an update himself. Until then, thank you so much for your patience and prayers.

dad sitting.jpg

*UPDATE* I spoke with Claudia this morning. Pat had some breathing problems during the night, but his pain is under control. He has been sleeping since he got home from the hospital yesterday. She is going to let him rest as much as possible, because he has not slept well in over a month. Thank you for continuing to pray.