Surely He didn't ask me to do THAT


In 2005, my parents were sure they were hearing God's voice: "MOVE TO NORTH CAROLINA."

Surely they heard Him wrong. They had been in Texas since 1988, after God told them to move from California. They had given up everything they knew to move to Txas, and now it was happening again. Their entire world was in Texas - their kids, their baby grandchild, their extended family, their friends, their connections ... the list goes on.


Everyone thought they were INSANE to move. My sister was devastated, and felt abandoned. Their friends questioned their sanity. My husband and I lived with them while we were getting on our feet. What were we going to do now? 

My parents have been seeking after God's will my entire life. We have gone through good times, dark times, in between times. If there is one thing they have learned: WHEN GOD SAYS GO, YOU GO.

They wrestled with the decision. They fervently prayed. What if they were hearing Him wrong? They didn't want to leave everybody and everything behind! But, they felt they were being told to uproot and go, so they went. 

Did they want to go? Of course not. Was it their first choice to move from what was "comfortable?" No. Did they know they would face backlash and ridicule from everyone that knew them. Yes.

But, God said go.


They received little winks of confirmation from God along the way. At a random stop in the middle of nowhere, they looked up and literally saw writing on the wall: "Where God leads, God will provide." During a random rainstorm in Nashville, TN, they saw a billboard that read: "You are almost home."


They felt at peace with the decision, and total confirmation from God that this crazy decision was His will.

Has everything been smooth and pretty like roses? No. Have there been some obstacles? Yes. Would they heed the call again? Absolutely.

In Luke, we learn that Jesus said "Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Me."

Did He say, "Do what I say, unless you don't feel safe and comfortable?" No. Did He say, "Hey, do you mind doing this thing for Me?" No. He said YOU MUST DENY EVERYTHING FOR MY WILL.


Now, I realize North Carolina is pretty tame. Some people are called to war zones. Some are called to dangerous rain forests in remote places. Some are simply called to help a friend in need or a stranger on the street.

The point is, where God leads you, what God is saying to you, what God is laying on your heart, you do.

Did He promise it will be easy? Most definitely not. He did, however, promise that He will walk it with you.

So what do you do when you hear those sometimes subtle, sometimes giant and loud nudges from God? You go.