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for June 29, 2017

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TimeTitle Artist  CD Title / Label
08:27:35  My Eyes Are Dry Keith Green   The Ministry Years 1977-1979 Volume 1 Disc 2 / Sparrow
08:22:46  You Are Still Holy Kim Hill   Arms of Mercy / Star Song
08:17:52  Come Holy Spirit Songs of the Vineyard   Glory and Honor / Vineyard Music
08:16:19  Something Beautiful Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
08:13:24  Why Michael Card   Known By The Scars / Sparrow
08:09:56  I Want to Be Faithful Songs of the Vineyard   I Bow Down / Vineyard Music
08:07:30  Alleluia Bonnie Casey   Jesus This Is For You/Classic P&W Vol. 5 / Bridge
08:02:02  There Is Peace Melody Tunney   Let The Dreamers Dream / Warner Alliance
08:00:51  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Cynthia Clawson   River of Memories / Chapel
07:57:30  As We Sail To Heaven's Shore Steve Green    
07:53:47  Hearts Courageous Maranatha   Praise 12 / Maranatha! Music
07:46:41  In Your Presence/None Like You, O God Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
07:41:21  When You Lie Down Integrity   Songs of Peace / Hosanna! Music
07:37:34  Under His Wings The Ruppes   Through The Fire / Ambur Records
07:30:27  I Love You Lord Medley Maranatha Singers   The Feast/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Maranatha! Music
07:26:18  We Will Rise John Michael Talbot   No Longer Strangers / Sparrow
07:22:22  Like The Starlight Margaret Becker, Maire Brennan, Joanne Hogg   In Christ Alone / Worship Together
07:20:10  Hallelujah Marty Goetz   Intercessor/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Recon Records
07:16:06  More Than Anything Don Moen, Worship Leader   Eternal God / Integrity
07:12:07  Psalm 9 Songs of the Vineyard   Glory / Vineyard Music
07:06:33  We Come To Humble Ourselves Songs of the Vineyard   Changed By Your Glory / Songs of the Vineyard
07:02:05  Praise the Name of Jesus Praises Maranatha   Praise 10 / Maranatha! Music
06:58:42  Scripture - #4 Aimee Herd    
06:53:11  Praise Him Kelly Willard, Rita Baloche   Proclaim His Power / Hosanna! Music
06:47:25  The Lilies of the Field John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
06:43:05  He Is Lovely Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
06:37:07  There's Something About That Name Bill & Gloria Gaither   Alleluia, The Praise Continues / Gaither Music Company
06:32:28  Until That Final Day Keith Green    
06:27:38  The Love Of God Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
06:24:19  Isn't He Vineyard Singers   Change My Heart Oh God Vol 1 / Vineyard Music
06:20:49  Psalm 27 John Michael Talbot   Hiding Place / Sparrow
06:14:59  I Could Have Done More John Williams   Schindler's List / MCA
06:14:14  Follow Me Dallas Holm   Return To Galilee / Private
06:08:41  Maranatha Walt Harrah    
06:04:40  He Is Our Father Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
06:01:09  Bring Me To The Cross Matthew Ward   Even Now / Discovery House Music
05:55:36  How Sweet The Name Joanna Hogg   Looking Into Light - Celtic Hymns / Forefront Music
05:52:30  Be Still My Soul Karla Worley   We Need The Lord/Classic P&W Vol. 6 / Sparrow
05:47:35  Have Mercy On Me Songs of the Vineyard   I Just Want To Thank You / Vineyard Music
05:43:55  Lord, I Want To Be Like Jesus Fernando Ortega w/Kelly Willard   In A Welcome Field / Urgent Records
05:40:39  You're My Refuge Integrity   My Refuge / Hosanna! Music
05:36:00  Earnestly I Seek You Beverly Darnall, John Barbour   Praise 15 / Maranatha! Music
05:31:43  More Than The Watchman Marty Goetz   More Than The Watchman/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Private
05:25:03  More Than The Watchman Marty Goetz   Psalm Enchanted Evening / Private
05:21:43  Father Songs of the Vineyard   Holiness Unto The Lord / Vineyard Music
05:17:12  The Lord Will Perfect Integrity   Songs of Healing / Hosanna! Music
05:12:07  Praise The Lord Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
05:05:14  I Bow Down Songs of the Vineyard   I Bow Down / Vineyard Music
05:01:10  Come and See Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
04:58:19  I Love You Lord Maranatha Singers   Songs of Revival / Maranatha! Music
04:48:44  Draw Near - My Dove Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
04:44:06  I Am Janet Paschal   Language of the Heart / Word
04:40:57  Commune With Me Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
04:35:44  Be Unto Your Name Robin Mark   Revival In Belfast / Integrity Music
04:29:34  You Have Been So Good Lenny LeBlanc    
04:25:54  We Are Here At Your Throne Evie   Teach Us Your Way/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Word
04:22:04  Give It All To The Lord Kelly Willard   Message From A King/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Maranatha! Music
04:17:47  We Are Your Bride Songs of the Vineyard   Holy Is The Lord / Songs of the Vineyard
04:13:52  Praise You Father Maranatha Singers   Praise 2 / Maranatha! Music
04:07:48  Praise Looks Good On You/Let Me Be A Sacrifice Don Moen, Worship Leader   Eternal God / Integrity
04:03:19  Ain't Gonna Fight It Daniel Amos   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Maranatha 5, The Ten Top Tunes) / Maranatha! Music
03:58:36  To Every Generation Maranatha Singers   Psalms Alive 3/Classic P&W Vol. 4 / Maranatha! Music
03:53:01  Your Heart Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
03:49:26  Above All Others Songs of the Vineyard   I Want To Know You / Vineyard Music
03:45:41  Because You Are Chosen John Michael Talbot   Heart of the Shepherd / Sparrow
03:43:16  My Beloved Genesis 1 Gary McCartie   My Beloved Father of Life / Maranatha Music
03:37:22  Still Waters Julie Meyer   In My Father's House / Private
03:34:22  Joy In The Journey Michael Card   The Final Word / Sparrow
03:31:15  All Heaven Declares Terry Clark & Kelly Willard   Praise 13 / Maranatha! Music
03:24:33  Make Me Whole Rachel Milstead   If You Say Go / Vineyard Music
03:21:25  Thank You For Being Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
03:19:05  My Beloved Psalms 130 Gary McCartie   My Beloved Father of Life / Maranatha Music
03:18:09  Scripture - God Is My Rock John Tesh    
03:15:33  The Lord Bless Thee Maranatha Singers   Praise 6 / Maranatha! Music
03:15:13  Scripture - #2 Aimee Herd    
03:12:13  Beauty For Ashes Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
03:07:25  More Precious Than Silver Integrity   ACapella Praise / Hosanna! Music
03:03:54  I Will Bless Thee As Long As I Live Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
03:01:14  Do You Love Me Honeytree   Maranatha Marathon/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Myrrh
02:52:37  True Love Songs of the Vineyard   Winds Of Worship Live - Toronto / Vineyard Music
02:49:05  No Higher Calling Lenny LeBlanc   Praise 12 / Maranatha! Music
02:45:03  My Lips Will Praise You Twila Paris   Perennial / Sparrow Records
02:39:35  May I Be Known Songs of the Langley Vineyard   Your Kingdom Come / Vineyard Music
02:33:06  On Christ The Solid Rock Kevin Prosch   Save Us Oh God / Vineyard Music
02:29:21  In Moments Like These Praise Strings   Praise Strings 5 / Maranatha! Music
02:25:11  Only I Nicole Marie   I Choose Jesus / Heartservice Music
02:20:26  Knees To The Earth Christy Nockels    
02:16:13  He Is A Song Twila Paris   Cry For The Desert / Star Song
02:12:12  I Worship You (Precious Jesus) ASA Finn & Per Alexandersson    
02:08:26  Baruch Hashem Adonai Debby Boone   Reflections / Lamb & Lion
02:04:52  We Will Bow Songs of the Vineyard   Light The Fire Again / Vineyard Music
02:01:13  We Choose the Fear of the Lord Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
01:58:31  Say To The Prisoner John Michael Talbot   The Regathering / Sparrow
01:53:12  For Zion's Sake Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
01:46:41  Who Has Believed Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
01:43:02  Oh, What A Beautiful City Pat Taylor   To God Be The Glory/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Ultimate Records, Inc
01:39:13  Mary Did You Khow Buddy Greene   Buddy Greene Christmas / Ministry Music
01:35:20  Brokenness David Meece   Piority Radio Pix/Once In A Lifetime / Star Song
01:32:03  Free Us Terry Clark    
01:25:56  Rest Amanda Brock   Shout To The King / Grace Grown Music
01:21:57  As The Deer Thirsts Honeytree   Single Heart/Classic P&W Vol. 4 / Greentree
01:19:07  Sing To The Father Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
01:15:23  In Quietness Honeytree   Pioneer / Oak Table Publishing
01:11:30  Warrior Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
01:10:23  Thank You Lord Paul Clark    
01:06:59  Redeemer Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
01:03:31  Selah Songs of the Vineyard   I Bow Down / Vineyard Music
00:58:18  You Are Beautiful Tony Melendez   Intimate Worship / Hosanna! Music
00:54:34  Benediction Marty Goetz   Sanctuary / Private
00:50:20  You Are Jehovah Songs of the Vineyard   Intimacy / Songs of the Vineyard
00:44:59  Melody Nancy Honeytree   Evergreen/The Melodies In Me / Private
00:41:48  Isn't He Praise Strings   Praise Strings 4 / Maranatha! Music
00:37:46  Even Though Kathryn Scott    
00:34:26  Alleluia Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
00:30:08  In His Time Maranatha Singers   Praise 4 / Maranatha! Music
00:24:23  Blessed Be The Name Songs of the Vineyard   Blessed Be The Name / Vineyard Music
00:21:20  Cares Chorus Kelly Willard   Lookin' Back '77-'86 / Maranatha! Music
00:18:01  Heal Me O Lord Integrity   Songs of Healing / Hosanna! Music
00:16:15  One Final Word Paul Clark    
00:08:51  Come Let Us Bow Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
00:01:50  Sunrise - The Pleiades And Orion John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow

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