The World’s Hour Glass

The stage is set for global economic chaos and we have done it to ourselves. Greed, corruption, plus singular crooked self serving agendas has brought this fare to our table. Our diet is about to change as we will eat the bitter fruit of the the Ill conceived seed sowing. The secular world leadership knows we are in trouble and that they have no answers to the massive issues we face. The last grains of sand in the world’s hour glass are about to fall.

Those who know the way to Goshen would do well to speak up. Loud and often. But, only a remnant, only a remnant ………….!

The Ark has room for all, but most will not listen.

We are in the initial stages of Matthew 24. We are experiencing the fullness of the first fourteen verses of this chapter. The next thirty-seven verses will seem like a living nightmare to most. But fulfillment of prophecy to the remnant. The gospel referred to in verse fourteen is the release and understanding of the first thirteen verses in chapter 24. The rest of the new testament hadn’t been written yet.

Knowing the scriptures and how, when, and where to speak them, will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Most of the pew sitters and a large percentage of the platform performers are going to be roiled under in these Last Days, for they have majored in the minors.

Line by line teaching of Matthew 24 is needed and quickly so. The awake, vigilant sheep of His pasture will hearken unto these words. The others will go off seeking oil for their lamps, and …. well, you already know the rest of the story. There were ten who had lamps and they were all alike. But only five made it to the marriage feast.

When He shuts the door it is shut.


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