My Prayer For Boldness

September 3rd, 2016 at 4:43 am by Pat
As Jesus spoke with authority and expectation to the weather, so do we who have received His boldness and understanding. Faith in what He accomplished for the Saints on Calvary is deep truth. According to scripture, we who are His true disciples, and continue in His Word, can do and say what He did because we have received His Holy Spirit.

Maturity in Christ comes with a sacrifice of devoted time, self discipline, and obedience. Integrity comes with repetitious consistency at the highest level. His power is attainable through loyalty and faith.

I remember one time during a Sunday morning church service in Miami, I was impressed with the writings about Smith Wigglesworth and his boldness. Once he was at a busy NYC restaurant for lunch. Smith took a chair and stood up on it and loudly proclaimed be was going to pray before eating, as was his custom. Immediately there was a hushed silence as Smith prayed, giving thanks for our continuous provision, power, protection, and prosperity. Then he added a blessing for the ownership, personnel, and all who were partaking of their meal. There were numerous amen’s scattered throughout the room. Having visited and studied about the NYC environment, I found this demonstration of faith to be exceptional. So I asked for the faith of Wigglesworth as the presence of His anointing was overwhelming. As I sat there, trembling with tears running down my face, I heard His Voice say; Why not ask for My Boldness? His Voice is clear, steady, and pleasant. I immediately apologized for shooting too low and did as instructed. Jesus is the Head of the Church and will always be our Image of perfect leadership. Every time I hear The Voice Of His Spirit, it thrills me immensely, and He knows it.

Christianity is a hallowed relationship with the Father’s Son who has saved us and has shown us the Father, in power and in word.

A new covenant was established between the Father and the Son of Man for our everlasting benefit.

Mark 11: 22-25, KJV, is loaded with truth and inside information. Believing is essential, as is speaking. Few there be that dip into this pool of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, on a regular basis.

To the Jew first and then to the Gentiles.


Jim Middleton



The Lying Witch Of Benghazi Will Never Rule Or Reign In Our Domain!!!

July 30th, 2016 at 3:47 pm by Pat
Those of us who represent His remnant are in for a rough ride. But we have been warned of what is to come. If we read and study quietly, we are the minority and extreme lunacy is all around us. That’s why the “rapture” crapola infuriates me. The words in Matthew 24, KJV, are in RED PRINT so they’re not up for private interpretation. Why would Jesus have gone into such sequential detail if the church wasn’t going to be here? He also said in verse 13, “But he that shall endure until the end, the same shall be saved.” Where is the escapism in that clear cut statement. In verse’s 14, 15, 16, – 20, Jesus is speaking to those disciples who have faith and trust in Him. Those of His who remain are not going to be as perplexed as the atheists who have no understanding as to what, when, where, or why all hell seems to be going on. But all of what we are now witnessing is as He described it is “the beginning of sorrows.”  The church had better really tighten up the finches when verse 21 starts to kick in. The world has never seen “great tribulation” as Jesus has warned us about and we desperately need true voices to teach, preach, and demonstrate the power that He has given us. Woe unto the false prophets that pervert His Word and shall deceive many, for their greedy coffers and lead the sheep away from their destiny. Sheep are easily led astray because they are too lazy and dumb to spend quiet, private time in their prayer closets. This is when the Holy Spirit will witness the Words of Truth He has heard. We are being buffetted as never before and it is distressing to some of us because we know it’s not necessary and there is a much better way to live and obey The Word. All of the fabulous electronic technology that has been released is for verse 14, to be fulfilled. But the world’s goofballs and the false prophets are abusing the given purpose. This chapter of Matthew was absorbed over and over with much urging in the past days. I was able to see and hear His message clearly and I now know why. Those false prophets, clowns they be, have and are fleecing the sheep and are hirelings who will flee when the tribulation increases. Many are those in pulpits with television platforms who are operating the same way as The Clinton Foundation. Those who use the Word for their own comfort are playing with eternal fire. He has warned all of them with the words “depart from Me I never knew you.” Those words chill me to the bone, for there is no mulligan for those that hear that condemnation. When His children are abused by false prophets there will most certainly be a tragic day of reckoning. These prosperity hustlers, using end time technology to fleece His sheep, are headed for His recorded anger. All of the false prophets are going to see the fire in His eyes as they are permanently separated from His presence. I’d love to privately go one on one with everyone who is abusing His kids. I would not hold back and I would burn their britches for their behavior. Isn’t it clear with His Words in verse 22, that things will get so wildly out of control during the great tribulation, that if He and His Father didn’t step in and shorten those days no one would survive, including the elect’s sake. Another absolutely crystal clue that the “rapture” theory is man made cha cha.
As depressing as current events are reported daily, those who spend personal time in the Word know we haven’t seen anything yet.
I am grateful and thrilled every time I hear the Voice of the Spirit. It is always spontaneous, clear, and short to the point. That’s why I keep writing what I heard:
“Hillary will never be president.”
Watch and see her go down in disgrace and the serpent will writhe in anger but is powerless to change circumstances.
We are going to see and experience, to some degree, turmoil to the hilt, but as He has said: “those who endure until the end shall be saved.”
That ‘s good enough for me. But we have to stay in the Word and come out from among them!

It’s Time To Go. MARCH!!!

October 17th, 2015 at 2:10 am by Pat

It would behoove all that favor Israel and all of the twelve tribes to refresh their memories in the 33rd chapter of Numbers.

This chapter clearly states the instructions given by Yahweh to Moses concerning their journey out of Egypt into the promised land.  Moses was told how to divide the land for the twelve tribes by lot. But, most important what would happen if they didn’t obey their instructions and not drive out all of the inhabitants. Disobedience to His Word in chapter 33:55 details what has been going on for centuries. Massive confrontations, death, wounded, and constant civil unrest, have been plaguing Jewish generations, plus additional Words of Warning in verse 56.

Moses was given the boundaries of Israel and those Words have never been changed.

The Restoration of all things was included with the Messiah’s sacrifice on Calvary.

Now all Judeo-Christian believers should be taught in detail the words of Paul in Ephesians chapter six. We need to have the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding why beelzebub’s puppets are leading the clueless secular world into the eternal abyss.

Deception is the result of a decision based upon distortion, lies, and absence of the known facts. Those items are the tools of fools and are embraced by the delusional leaders throughout the globe.

The End Time Remnant should also meditate in the Book of Matthew, chapter 24, line by line, so that faith and patience may be our pillars of understanding, as incredible escalation of iniquity abounds before us.

As global darkness increases so does His Light within us as we execute our assignments.

His Grace is sufficient for us as we see prophecy being fulfilled in the fullness of time.

The Books of John inform us how this tribulation will turn out and we can trust His Word and look forward to the Regeneration Yahshua spoke about in Matthew, chapter 19:28.

End Time selected, appointed, ordained, and anointed shepherds are going to use global platforms through technology to teach, preach, and heal as Jesus did. These End Time shepherds are going to electrify the world, by demonstrating His Power,Truth, and Authority, to the Glory of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Those who are on Point, at this Time, will exhibit the Spirit of Joshua by being strong and courageous, for we are crossing a Jordan, not seen before.

The Red Print in the New Testament is our Foundational Truth and our Path of Obedience.

Let the Drums and Trumpets sound the alarm of reality, that the imminent return of the Lion of Judah is at hand.



Purity Revealed

August 8th, 2015 at 3:46 pm by Pat

These truths are too deep foe atheists and agnostics to receive or discern.

Attempts at comedic dismissal of revealed truths are woefully inadequate for the dangers atDel_Parson_The_13th_resurrection_appearance_525 hand.

As iniquity increases, so does the standard of real wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

As the vocalists of the mentally challenged flail at their soon coming demise, the remnant will continue in their assignments, and we who are awakened, already know how all of this is going to play out.

Smug arrogance is a clear and present danger, and is no viable asset.

Michael_Dudash_Fishers_of_Men_525But, the majority of earthlings are deceived, so, so much for democracy, and the ship of fools being guided by the many who have no business being in leadership.

Eloquence without the substance of truth, is not an admirable trait, for there is only one way to escape the tribulation that is escalating before our very eyes.

Rebellion is the fruit of witchcraft.

Clever word weavers are being produced by the minions of darkness, and many phony intellectuals are consuming the bait, at an alarming rate.

Those who are imitating the works of Jesus will bring many into the Kingdom of Truth.

There are two ready made paths available to all in these Last Days of Individual Decision.images

The wide and the narrow.

The wise will yield to the advice of the one true King of Kings.

“Choose life.”

For the price of purity has been paid.

If Jesus is presented correctly and compassionately, the harvest will be successful, for His ministering spirits, and the Holy Spirit, are well able to raise all true ships of destiny.

Effective Prayer

July 24th, 2015 at 11:26 pm by Pat



Effective prayer is a learned art for those seeking results according to His standards of excellence.

Wisdom of Job

July 24th, 2015 at 11:01 pm by Pat

Job spoke the right words that would affect his future.

Check out Job 36: 11, KJV and TTOLV.

Job went through all kinds of hell on earth. Spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically, but he maintained his composure and posture towards God.

Then Job 42: 10, KJV and TTOLV shows the result of loyalty, consistency, and major faith.

Job was already the wealthiest man on earth before incredible tribulation hit every area of his life.

Those who have received the Lord’s Words and position on healing, need to apply the same wisdom on prosperity. Healing and prosperity are God’s creation for His children. Being a source of material blessings for others takes financial well being.

Matthew 7: 7,8, KJV and TTOLV, speaks directly to our needs, dreams, and desires.

1) Say it.
2) Do it.
3) Receive it.
4) Tell it.

King David understood the process, much to the dismay of the lion, the bear, and Goliath.

We need to become adept at using our instruction manual.

Wisdom Is Showing Great Favor and Continual Support For Israel!

June 26th, 2015 at 10:25 pm by Pat
We know weirdness is on the rise, but Brazil, Russia, India, and China, (The BRIC Nations) are openly conspiring to end the dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency. If the BRIC Nations are even close to success in this endeavor, life in the U.S., as we have known it, will be over.

Let’s watch the GOP candidates for president, and see how many of them discuss the nation’s insane monetary policies, including our unbelievable debt. All of us are skating on financial thin ice. Thanks to the greed, corruption, incompetence, and deception of our elected government officials.

The U.S. is rapidly approaching a stone wall of an over due reality check.

It’s going to really get ugly out there and it will be a global mess that no normal man can address or solve.

Thus, an opening for the anti-Christ who will have super natural ability to apparently restore hope and order, throughout the globe.

We’re about to enter a jaw dropping zone, that we haven’t seen before.

It will be swift, strange, and peculiar. Just like Obama’s sudden rise to the Oval Office.

Words will fail many, as the masses will only be able to groan, in misery, and shake their heads.

The remnant had better buckle up and stay deep in His Word.

None of us are truly ready to see The Book Of Revelation come to life before our very eyes.

But, The Good Shepherd knows His sheep, and His voice we will follow.

We have His Word, which contains many promises we will need to utter, as the rapture bunk is exposed as pure BS.

The elect are about to witness the sequential truth of Matthew 24, KJV and TTOLV.




This Territory Is Our Super Bowl

January 30th, 2015 at 8:52 pm by Pat
Tenacity in the spirit realm of prayer will pay major rewards for the remnant.

Our Salvation is of The Lord.

Check out Matthew 7:7-8, The Tree Of Life Version, and The KJV.

These words of revelation and promise are in Red Print.

Now is the time to press our standing as enlightened Sons and Daughters of The Most High G-d.

He, Jehovah, and His Son, put this whole show into motion for our benefit.

Ask, Seek, and Knock, in line with His Word, and expect our supplications, requests, and prayers to be answered.

This territory is our Super Bowl in which His True Disciples will attract the attention of the heathen and the lost.

Seed Time and Harvest cannot be restricted or changed by satan and his four levels of devils.

As Big Al Bundy used to say: “Let’s Rock!”


God’s Word Is Medicine

January 7th, 2015 at 12:29 am by Pat

We will walk in the level of life where we release the ability of God by the words of our mouth.

We can release the ability of God within ourselves by the words of our mouth and cause His Word and His power to become available to us, and for us.

God’s Word is medicine, and let’s learn to take it daily.

Love never fails!

Learn how to operate in freedom from debt, lack, and fear.

It’s doable!

We must learn how to honor, plead, and apply The Blood of Jesus Christ.

The devil cannot stand to hear a well trained Christian use The Blood against him.

There Is no defense for beelzebub and his thugs, against the power of the blood.

His Absolute Best Is Yet To Come!

January 3rd, 2015 at 1:42 am by Pat

What a wonderful recorded video and audio message to receive, on the last day of 2014.

God’s gifts in New Technology, for His Family are being used wisely in some circles.

Ministry web sites are steadily improving in order to spread the Gospel all over the world.

Old glitches are being fine tuned into the trash bin of history.

The Gospel is a wonderful gift to share with others, in 2015.

John Osteen shared some of his wisdom with me in private, at Lakewood Church.

He said: “Jimmy, I built this church on 28 minute sermons.”

He also said: “If you can absorb and understand the Books of Romans and Hebrews, you can go all over the world, teaching, preaching, and healing, just like Jesus did.”

To be honest, I didn’t want to hear that second part, at the time.

My hidden insecurities wouldn’t allow me to desire or imagine such impossibilities.

But, Jesus loves us along with His Patience, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

When we wake up, and receive His Wonderful Gift of Salvation, He doesn’t leave us as He found us!

Let’s see every false religion, including Islam, try and match the incredible gifts, promises, and potential upward mobility, of Christianity.

Love Never Fails!

When we start to understand and enjoy our new relationship with God’s Son, good stuff is destined to pop like popcorn, for His obedient, loyal, consistent Saints.

2015 is going to be our land of new opportunities, blessings, and thrills, as those On Point, sock it to satan’s dwindling temporary kingdom, with God’s Gospel of Truth, Power, and Real Authority.

Thank God for our growth, healing, and wholeness, we received during 2014!

Restoration is God’s idea of a good time, and He is looking for obedient sons and daughters, to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Many are called, but few measure up, to where He can trust them with His anointing.

His Absolute Best Is Yet To Come!