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The Christian Businesses, Churches, and Ministries listed below are helping Praise Broadcasting Network stay "On the Air," continuing our Mission to Bless Hearts and Souls around the World. They have become Praise Broadcasting Network Sponsors, and so can YOU. Please visit our Sponsors' sites and let them know you found them through their Praise Broadcasting Network Sponsorship Link. We are so thankful and grateful to our PBN Sponsors!

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Brian Baker Family

Douglas Dowling

Love you Pat, Claudia, Children and all at PBN

Dr. Ken Upton

I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist practising in the Mustard Seed Clinic in Vernon, BC. My wife Colleen is a midwife who works in our local hospital. I have a 21 year old son Dave who is studying dentistry in Edmonton, Alberta. My 19 year old daughter Sarah is currently at Capernwray Bible School in New South Wales, Australia.

East Texas Instruments

Genny Lazzeri

I love your station. It is a great Blessing to me. I love the music as well as the encouraging words. It is so nice to see %26 hear your grandaughter also especially since my grandchildren live in another state. Hopefully I will be able to increase my donation as the Lord continues to Bless my business. Thank you again for allowing the Lord to use you.

Jeff King Family

Absolutely LOVE the music and worship of PBN, simply the best around. Love my church... www.gatewaypeople.com

John & Gerry Woolgar

Thank you so much! This is the type of music we love, and have always had in our home. It is truly the music that feeds our souls and calls our spirits to worship the Lord. We work mainly at home and it is great to have PBN on to help maintain our inner focus on our wonderful God & Saviour. Our love and prayers are with you all.

Joshua Enterprises, Inc.

Joshua Enterprises, Inc., is a nondenominational, evangelical Christian organization, providing spiritual and physical aid, to hurting people around the world. We will meet the needs of people, who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine, with the purpose of sharing God's love, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Mercy Xpress

Based in Ennis, Montana, heart of blue ribbon fly fishing, Mercy Xpress, Inc. is committed to its mission of providing individuals and families in need of essential or time critical air transportation with flights that are free of charge. We need your prayers and support in order to obtain an aircraft suitable to carry out our mission.

Parameters of Wellness

From geriatric care provider in her youth%2C to serving with both the Navy and Marines as a Fleet Marine Force %28FMF%29 Corpsman in a variety of health care and administrative capacities%2C Marie Sanabria has spent her entire career dedicated to the health and wellness of others. She now follows her passion in establishing Parameters of Wellness%2C a small business dedicated to helping people meet customized needs in body work%2C nutrition%2C coaching and resource referrals. Marie is passionate about ensuring that each individual reaches their peak performance in every endeavor and provides wise and insightful counsel to achieve goals.


Phil Reiter Family

My family once consisted of just my wife, our guide dog, and myself. Because Evelyn, my wife is blind we were asked to be 'part time' foster parents to Juan Torres, a blind 14 year old. All his previous foster families either abused or rejected him. His psychological condition, many hospitalizations, child abuse and past family problems caused Juan to be fearful and suspicious.

I had to stay with Juan through many very difficult late night hours and Praise Broadcasting Network playing on the stereo helped battle the sleeplessness and nightmares. I started calling this 'Christian Music Therapy' as the music and message help calm these times.

In the Bible, When Israel's people reached out to God's love he rescued them from their suffering. When Juan reached out to God's love he was rescued from suffering as God restored his mental health. Juan chose the middle name 'Israel' as a reminder of God's love.

Well, God allows problems to give us strength and blessings beyond our wildest imagination. Now Juan 'Israel' Torres attends Nyack College, a Christian college in Nyack NY. Even with the added stress of studying as a blind student he is healthy and his educational goal is to be equipped to share “God's Mental Hope” to a suffering world.

So please know that PBN's 'Christian Music Therapy' is still playing at our home. Know also that God used you to play a part in my 'part-time' foster son's healing so he could become my best friend, prayer partner, and a healthy loving full time son. --Phil Reiter, Croton on Hudson, NY

Real Living Real Estate and Property Management

Through my nationwide referral network I can help you buy or sell real estate ANYWHERE in the country. Call or email for details. I also welcome investors who want to enhance their earnings and asset base through the booming market of quality%2C single family rental homes.

Stanley Ezeanyika


WORKS OF THE LORD! We support this wonderful radio to reach many more people.

Venture Strategies Group

Federal and state income tax preparation as well as outsource bookkeeping and CFO services to all 50 states. On a limited basis we offer strategic planning and development to qualified businesses and organizations.

Zaleski Snow-Guards for Roofs, Inc.

Zaleski has specialized in snow guards since 1950. We offer a complete line of snow guard models for all types of roofs. A variety of fastening methods are available including our patented system using 2-sided tape. We provide tailor made spacing instructions given to you from our experience of over 50 years.

Zola Levitt Ministries

"Zola Levitt Presents" features teaching and interviews, with Middle Eastern film footage particularly directed to the studies of Israel and prophecy. Watch the weekly "Zola Levitt Presents" on the Internet.

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Although PBN is happy to post business and ministry sponsors, we are not responsible for any representation or misrepresentation, action or inaction, by these businesses or ministries. We believe them to be honest and reputable, but it is the individual's responsibility to carefully check out any business or ministry.