Joy Wright Heatherly

Joy, as Rosie and I remember her from High School. Joy with her Grand Babies.

Joy’s Story

As told by her son

I want to tell you about my mom, Joy Wright Heatherly. One of the first books my wife and I bought our son was "The Giving Tree", because we wanted him to know the heritage he comes from. All her life my mother has been that giving tree for those around her. She spends most of her time between Texas and North Carolina with her eight grandchildren, and like the giving tree, that’s what makes her happy.

Last year my mom got a rare infection that chronically reduced her kidney function to the point of needing dialysis or a transplant. For my mom, who is otherwise in perfect health, it wasn’t the kidney problem that was so crushing. It's that she is so weak, and her time is now so limited with her grandchildren because of the risk of infection. My sister and I, and our whole family have tested, and none of us are a match to donate. We are now looking for someone who can be that giving tree for our mom.

Joy is in Stage 4 Kidney Failure. Stage 5 comes with a headstone.

For some reason God created us with an extra kidney and if anyone would be willing to see if they are a donation match, we would always be grateful. Joy Heatherly is listed on the National Kidney Transplant Waitlist and either O+ or O- blood types can donate.

For those interested in giving LIFE to Joy, and want to know how to go about finding if you are a match, you can call:

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth
Kidney Transplant Program
817-250-2443 or 1-800-411-2443
or email:

You can download the Texas Harris Methodist Hospital Donor Application at:

and email the completed application to:

You can donate from ANYWHERE in the world.

How GREAT to be able to give someone LIFE, and still live to see them love and play with their grand babies.