Who Needs Prayer for Healing

If you, or someone you know, needs healing, please (email us or complete the form below) so our family of listeners around the world can pray. Pat will be regularly talking about this page On The Air in order to bring our listeners here to pray.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Pat directly to PBN@PBNradio.com.

Bevin Beaudet of West Palm Beach, FL: son needs healing.

Christine Bless & Shirlee Miller of Houston, Texas: Sharon has stage 4 cancer.

Mike & Denise Pace of Hendersonville, NC: Denise has breast cancer.

Bob & Patti Fraga of Pacheco, CA: Patti shows signs of Alzheimer's.

Pat & Claudia Rutherford of Asheboro, NC:
Oldest daughter needs healing from effects of Neural Strokes.

Sharon & Peter Dreyfuss of Asheboro, NC: Sharon needs healing.

Barbara Chen Grascher of Austria: son Oliver needs healing.

Linda Boyce of Asheboro, NC: Has trouble breathing.

Prayer Request from Marvin Phillips for Healing for Madison.