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Radio Tower PBNpure Playlist Log
for April 30, 2017

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TimeTitle Artist  CD Title / Label
10:38:23  Something Beautiful Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
10:31:42  Refiner's Fire Kevin Prosch   King Of Saints / Vineyard Music
10:30:10  I Will Praise Him Bill & Gloria Gaither   A Praise Gathering / Gaither Music Company
10:27:37  Who Is Like Thee Paul Wilbur, Leader   Up To Zion / Hosanna! Music
10:23:11  Above All Else Debby Boone   Friends For Life / Sparrow
10:18:57  Free Us Morris Chapman   Live Worship With Morris Chapman / Maranatha! Music
10:13:38  You Are My Passion Vonda Withers   From The Heart / Private
10:09:45  You Have Been Good Graham Kendrick, Leader   Amazing Love / Hosanna! Music
10:05:09  I Want To Be More Like Jesus Keith Green   Songs of Devotion / Sparrow
10:00:39  Redeemer, Saviour, Friend Tony Melendez   Intimate Worship / Renewal Music
09:56:44  Meditation #2, The Eucharist Michael Card   Present Reality / Sparrow
09:53:28  The Battle Belongs to the Lord Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
09:45:32  You Have Been Given Integrity   Enter His Gates / Integrity Music
09:41:45  I Am Marty Goetz   I Call You Friend / Marty Goetz Ministries
09:38:12  Give Thanks Integrity   Give Thanks / Integrity
09:34:14  I Will Lift Up My Eyes John Michael Talbot   Hiding Place / Sparrow
09:28:44  My Soul Waits Maranatha Singers   Psalms Alive 3/Classic P&W Vol. 4 / Maranatha! Music
09:20:46  Eternity Songs of the Vineyard   Live From Arnhem, Holland / Vineyard Music
09:17:24  When I Consider Terry Clark    
09:10:30  Be The Center Vineyard Singers   Hungry Falling On My Knees / Vineyard Music
09:05:02  I Bow Down Vikki Cook   Everlasting / PDI Music
09:01:52  A Million Stars Iona   Open Sky / Forefront
08:57:37  Soften My Heart Songs of the Vineyard   Refiner's Fire / Vineyard Music
08:55:17  Betrayal & Desolation James Horner   BraveHeart / DECA Records
08:52:04  Holy And Anointed One Songs of the Vineyard   Holy and Anointed One / Vineyard Music
08:48:11  The Tent Music #1 Elijah List    
08:44:51  My Heart Your Home Christy Nockels   Beyond Sight / Vertical Music
08:41:06  In Quietness Honeytree   Pioneer / Oak Table Publishing
08:37:07  Till These Earthly Days Shall Pass Steve Camp   After God's Own Heart / Sparrow
08:31:59  Those Who Sow In Tears Maranatha Singers   Psalms Alive 3/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Maranatha! Music
08:21:48  Deep - Shine Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
08:07:45  Show Me Your Face - See Me Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
08:03:45  All Who Are Thirsty John Michael Talbot   The Regathering / Sparrow
08:00:11  No Other Love Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
07:57:26  Seek Ye First Maranatha Singers   The Praise Album / Maranatha! Music
07:51:59  Exalt The Lord Songs of the Vineyard   Save Us Oh God / Vineyard Music
07:47:20  I Am Janet Paschal   Language of the Heart / Word
07:42:28  He Who Trusts Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
07:38:33  Praise To The Lord Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
07:33:28  I Want To Know You Songs of the Vineyard   Hear Our Cry / Vineyard Music
07:29:54  Father I Want You To Hold Me Songs of the Vineyard   Unto The King / Vineyard Music
07:27:04  Sing To The Father Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
07:20:06  He Is Aaron & Jeoffrey   He Is / Star Song
07:14:07  Magnificent Obsession JoAnn McFatter   Magnificent Obsession / Private
07:10:27  Oh, What A Beautiful City Pat Taylor   To God Be The Glory/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Ultimate Records, Inc
07:06:30  Resting Place Songs of the Vineyard   Take Our Lives / Vineyard Music
07:03:10  Alleluia Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
07:00:32  Psalm 62 Wendy & Mary   The Wind Came Singing/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Birdwing
06:56:30  Scripture - Psalm 19 Aimee Herd    
06:54:49  Come Heal This Land Robin Mark   Come Heal This Land / Hosanna! Music
06:49:35  You Are Beautiful Tony Melendez   Intimate Worship / Hosanna! Music
06:45:30  As The Deer Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
06:42:25  Near to the Heart of God Spiritbound   Always Remember / Private
06:37:25  Instruments of Your Peace Drakensberg Boys Choir   Rejoice Africa / Hosanna! Music
06:34:06  The Lord Is My Light Maranatha   Praise 13 / Maranatha! Music
06:30:09  Behold Now The Kingdom John Michael & Terry Talbot   The Painter / Sparrow
06:20:34  Draw Near - My Dove Alberto & Kimberly Rivera    
06:16:45  When It's All Said And Done Robin Mark   Revival In Belfast / Integrity Music
06:11:33  Let's Worship Terry Clark   I Am Yours / Catalyst Ministries
06:08:25  Sunset John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
06:05:17  Come Holy Spirit Bill McCartney   Alone With God - I Will Be With You / Maranatha! Music
06:03:35  Scripture - God's Love Aimee Herd    
05:58:41  This Thorn Twila Paris   Cry For The Desert / Star Song
05:54:13  I Delight In The Lord Praise Band    
05:49:57  Soften My Heart Songs of the Vineyard   Refiner's Fire / Vineyard Music
05:46:25  I Will Bless Thee As Long As I Live Maranatha   Praise 11 / Maranatha! Music
05:42:09  Still Small Voice Songs of the Vineyard   Freedom / Songs of the Vineyard
05:39:25  Kindle My Heart Songs of the Vineyard   I Just Want To Thank You / Vineyard Music
05:36:07  My Redeemer Annie Herring   First Love Disc 1 / New Port Records
05:33:07  Psalm 23 Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
05:30:06  Abba Father Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
05:23:52  Let Your Healing Come Songs of the Vineyard   Let Your Healing Come / Songs of the Vineyard
05:19:50  Altar Call Keith Green   The Ministry Years 1977-1979 Volume 1 Disc 2 / Sparrow
05:16:30  Father Songs of the Vineyard   Holiness Unto The Lord / Vineyard Music
05:12:41  Mary Did You Khow Buddy Greene   Buddy Greene Christmas / Ministry Music
05:11:11  Change In The Wind Reprise Paul Clark    
05:07:10  He Is Our Father Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
05:03:54  Rock Of My Salvation Maranatha Singers   Praise 7 / Maranatha! Music
04:58:12  Father Me Songs of the Vineyard   Live From So Cal / Vineyard Music
04:54:38  Healer of My Soul John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
04:50:48  Give It All To The Lord Kelly Willard   Message From A King/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Maranatha! Music
04:44:52  Like A Lilly Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
04:41:29  Come, Oh Redeemer, Come Fernando Ortega   Lord, I Humbly Come / Metro One
04:37:38  You Bless Me, Lord Cindy Rethmeier   Vineyard Café - Comfort / Vineyard Music
04:36:53  Follow Me Dallas Holm   Return To Galilee / Private
04:32:44  Be Still Evie   Classic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 (Unfailing Love) / Word
04:28:30  Winter To Spring Patti Roberts   Winter To Spring/Classic Praise & Worship Vol II / Word
04:24:02  Praise the Name of Jesus Praises Maranatha   Praise 10 / Maranatha! Music
04:20:20  Open Your Eyes Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
04:19:18  Interlude 2 Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
04:14:17  He's All You Need Steve Camp   One On One / Sparrow
04:11:37  The Shepherd Song Kelly Willard   Tapestry Sampler / Warner Alliance
04:07:11  Hymn To The Praises Of God John Michael Talbot   Quiet Reflections / Sparrow
04:04:24  I'm In Love With You Songs of the Vineyard   We Exalt Your Name / Vineyard Music
03:58:29  Father, I Want You To Hold Me Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
03:55:30  Beauty For Ashes Maranatha Singers   Praise 16 - The Power Of Your / Maranatha! Music
03:51:29  Family Song Songs of the Vineyard   Worship Duet: You Are Here/Hosanna / Vineyard Music
03:45:44  Hebrew Chant Marty Goetz   I Call You Friend / Marty Goetz Ministries
03:41:48  Pledge My Head To Heaven Keith Green    
03:39:05  There Is None Like You Lenny LeBlanc   Above All / Hosanna! Music
03:34:33  The Lord Will Perfect Integrity   Songs of Healing / Hosanna! Music
03:27:42  All For Love Lenny LeBlanc    
03:22:46  Nothing But The Blood / Washed In The Blood Kelly Willard   Lookin' Back '77-'86 / Maranatha! Music
03:18:01  Child of God Kathryn Scott   Hungry, Falling On My Knees / Songs of the Vineyard
03:13:19  What A Child Is Meant To Be Kathryn Scott   Surrender / Vineyard Music
03:09:38  He Is Lovely Maranatha Strings   Double Praise 8 / Maranatha! Music
03:04:34  Dwelling Places Darlene Zschesch   Inspiration Praise & Worship Sampler / Hosanna! Music
03:01:39  Let's Just Praise The Lord - Reprise Bill & Gloria Gaither   Alleluia, The Praise Continues / Gaither Music Company
02:57:59  Bright And Shining Star Songs of the Vineyard   We Welcome You / Vineyard Music
02:52:13  Your Love Flows Like A River Songs of the Vineyard   Blessed Be The Name / Vineyard Music
02:47:55  Praise You Father Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
02:43:42  You Are Jehovah Songs of the Vineyard   Intimacy / Songs of the Vineyard
02:39:19  Breath Of God Vineyard   Father, Why We Worship / Songs of the Vineyard
02:37:06  Hallelujah Marty Goetz   Intercessor/Classic P&W Vol. 3 / Recon Records
02:32:57  Only I Nicole Marie   I Choose Jesus / Heartservice Music
02:28:37  Psalm 139 Kelly Willard   Lookin' Back '77-'86 / Maranatha! Music
02:24:44  Brokenness David Meece   Piority Radio Pix/Once In A Lifetime / Star Song
02:20:42  I Worship You (Precious Jesus) ASA Finn & Per Alexandersson    
02:15:30  Hidden Valleys Kelly Willard   Garden / Asaph
02:10:10  When You Lie Down Integrity   Songs of Peace / Hosanna! Music
02:07:22  Welcome To Our World Chris Rice   Deep Enough To Dream / Rocketown Records
02:04:15  Sing Hallelujah Maranatha Singers   Double Praise 2 / Maranatha! Music
02:01:05  Abide Paul Clark   First Love Disc 2 / New Port Records
01:55:39  Make Way For The King Lenny LeBlanc    
01:51:29  O Holy One Debby Boone   Reflections / Lamb & Lion
01:48:40  Devoted To You Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
01:47:04  Grace Alone Maranatha Singers   Praise 18 / Maranatha! Music
01:42:09  As The Deer Jeanne Rogers   The High Praises of His People / James Robison Evangelistic Assoc.
01:36:00  Hineni (Here Am I) Marty Goetz   The Love Of God / Marty Goetz Ministries
01:33:34  Holy Is The Lord Songs of the Vineyard   Live From London / Vineyard Music
01:27:41  Before You Now Songs of the Vineyard   Before You Now / Vineyard Music
01:22:00  You Are Still Holy Songs of the Vineyard   I Just Want To Thank You / Vineyard Music
01:19:20  Do You Love Me Honeytree   Maranatha Marathon/Classic P&W Vol 7 / Myrrh
01:15:14  There Is None Like You Hosanna Singers   Acapella / Hosanna Music
01:11:12  My Lips Will Praise You Twila Paris   Perennial / Sparrow Records
01:09:12  We Can Depend On His Word - Reprise Kathie Lee Gifford    
01:02:32  You're The Holy Lord Almighty Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
00:59:15  Jesus Your Name Morris Chapman   Praise 13 / Maranatha! Music
00:54:49  All I Need Dan Wilt, Daphne Rademaker   All I Need / Vineyard Music
00:49:25  What Am I Without You/The Light Is Shining Twila Paris   Beyond A Dream / Star Song
00:45:23  Even Though Kathryn Scott    
00:42:14  Aaron's Blessing David Michael Carrillo and Wendy Francisco    
00:35:57  By Your Side Songs of the Vineyard   Devoted To You / Vineyard Music
00:32:56  Father I Adore You Praise Strings   Praise Strings / Maranatha! Music
00:28:52  Immanuel Michael Card   The Final Word / Sparrow
00:25:00  We Are Your Children Songs of the Vineyard   I Love Loving You / Songs of the Vineyard
00:20:57  Psalm 23 John Michael Talbot    
00:17:29  Lord of Love Kelly Willard   Praise 12 / Maranatha! Music
00:15:49  Miss Drummond Dies Malle Babbe Women's Choir   Paradise Road - Songs of Survival / Sony
00:12:42  Arms of Love Candy Hemphill-Christmas   Arms of Love/Classic P&W Vol. 6 / Greentree
00:10:05  The Lord Bless Thee Maranatha Singers   Praise 6 / Maranatha! Music
00:03:36  On Christ The Solid Rock Kevin Prosch   Save Us Oh God / Vineyard Music
00:01:50  One Final Word Paul Clark    

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